Can I use Upscale to get my senior photo in the yearbook?

Yes!  Upscale Photograhy is an approved photograhy studio authorized to provide "official" senior yearbook photo for East Brunswick High School. 

It seems like everyone goes to Upscale for senior photos.  Is that true?    We photograph over half the senior girls in the yearbook and a ton of guys.  Look at any yearbook for the last 10 years and you can see the difference.

The school picture company sent me an appointment for senior photos.  Do I have to go?                                                                                                         No.  You can go to Upscale!  We submit the photo for you.

I didn't know about Upscale and went to the school pix company and hate my yearbook photo.  Can I still go to you?

Yes.  We'll make the switch for you.  The school pix company takes 4-6 yearbook photos and a few "contemporary" pictures.  At Upscale we know your yearbook photo is important so we generally take about 25 photos (with girls' hair in 6 different positions because we know hair matters).  Then we'll do custom photos both inside the studio and outdoors.

How do I select my yearbook photo?

After our session we view all the yearbook photos taken on a 67" monitor.  We compare the photos side by side and keep narrowing the choices down until you select the best one.  We provide professional assistance to you and once your yearbook photo is chosen we go over suggested retouching so you look your absolute best! 

How much do Upscale photo sessions cost?

The sooner you come in, the less the session cost.  There are free sessions through the last day of school in June.  There are free sessions at 10am in July (which book up quickly every year) while other sessions in July are half price, still a great deal!  In August, the 10am session are half price and other session are regular price.  In October there maybe a rush charge.

How much do Upscale senior photos cost compared to the school pix company?

EBHS parents spend an average of $300-350 with the school picture company. They aren't cheap for what you get.  At Upscale there is a minimum purchase of $149 for a 30 minute session and $199 for a 60 minute session.  You create your own package so you only buy what you love and nothing else. 

Many parents do spend more at Upscale because we offer beautiful composite wall portraits that grace homes across town.  That's optional. 

There is a $49 custom retouching charge that covers your entire order whether you spend just the $149 or $1,490.  Our retouching is magazine quality.

The bottom line is photos aren't a good deal at any price if you don't love them.  And we guarantee you'll love ours and youwill look great in the yearbook!

Tell me a little more about those wall composite photos?

A wall composite is a great way to have a variety of photos custom designed to hang on a wall in your home.  These composites range from a series of three photos to 8 photos. 

It has long been acknowledged that family photos on display in a home help boost a child's sense of identity and create a sense of belonging.  Each time they walk by a family photo, which is countless times, a message is sent to them.  The messages says:    "You, my dear child, are important.  You matter.  You have a special place in this world.  You are a part of this thing we call family and we love you."







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